VISITOR NOTICE: Welcome to Viziocon Technical Services L.L.C, We are committed to make your visit a safe and healthy one for you and others in the workplace. It is for that reason that we require all visitors of Viziocon Technical Services L.L.C grounds, facilities and worksites to abide by the following safety rules while they're here. The visiting party and / or parties will be directed to a parking area and meeting point.


  1. As per company policy, visitors shall remain with employee escort at all times. Visitors are not permitted to roam freely throughout the facility.  

  2. Follow all verbal instructions and signs. Don't touch or attempt to operate any machine, device or equipment unless told to do so, Don't talk to or distract workers operating machines, devices or equipment or engaging in safety-related functions like traffic control.

  3. Observe all posted warning and caution signs such as:

    • No Tobacco products permitted on property

    • Authorized Personnel Only

  4. Do not block exit doors, fire extinguishers, and other emergency equipment.

  5. Horseplay, practical jokes, and running are prohibited.

  6. Weapons (guns, knives, etc.) are prohibited.

  7. Cameras and video recorders are prohibited on company property. Unless approved by senior management.

  8. Posted speed limits shall be followed. Park in designated parking spaces and in the direction intended.

  9. All injuries occurring in the company or its sites must be immediately reported to the Health & Safety Department.

  10. Practice good housekeeping during your visit.

    • Do not leave tools, equipment, and other materials where co-workers may be injured (struck-by, trip hazards, etc.)

    • Clean work area prior to shift-end.


NOTE: Visitors who fail to follow these policies will have their visiting privileges revoked and be asked to leave. Viziocon Technical Services L.L.C is not responsible for injuries visitors suffer because of violating these rules.